Always remember that humans will do what is in their best interest in all situations. No caps just facts. I am glad the real story is out and that the facts speak for themselves now. We as individuals should be able to discern those who are in it for self-interest or the truth.

Kudos David, I hope to impact people like you do someday. Do keep up the good work and stay safe.

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Sep 27, 2022Liked by David Hundeyin

There are lots and lots of issues in BBC Hausa you failed to highlight.I worked with BBC Hausa for 12 years but had to leave due to lots of bullying,intimidation and office politicking.Issues of bullying and harassment are never investigated fully in today's BBC.I was one of the best reporters of BBC Hausa but was put out for redundancy and paid a meager amount to leave without any offence.Can you imagine a person working for 12 years but getting a little above 2M Naira as redundancy payment? My complains to many management staff including the Tosin you talked about was treated shabbily and was just swept under the carpet.I was bullied out because of envy,but nobody listened.I told them there were issues to my redundancy ,but no one listened,I petitioned the overall head of BBC but was not given a fair hearing.About 4 years after,I am under a trauma,my family is in disarray.I am left with no welfare after working like donkey for 12 years.This is BBC.

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Sep 27, 2022Liked by David Hundeyin

This is one of the reasons I left journalism. Political interest over human interest. All man for himself and God for us all. Journalism in Nigeria is no child's play, it is deeply rooted in compromise. You don't get your due credit because you are a few years into practice.

Like I believe, If you can't beat them leave them. I am happy I did. Journalism in Nigeria has become a tea party and it is a pity.

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It took me 2 good hrs to read this story and all I can say is many things are happening. People we can confide in are fucking compromised while people that have passion for this profession are being intimidated, cowed and cut short of their desires. Thank you David Hundeyin for standing up and putting the truth out to us. I'll subscribe for the little I can!

For Anne Look Thiam, thank you for making the top list of people defacing the noble profession.

For Kiki Mordi, you'll soon jam Agbako

For Charlie Northcott the Benin forest dude, (bring pu$$y for free, take a glory of what you know nothing about).

For Toyosi Ogunseye, you'll experience whatever you've been dishing out.

For Peter Nkanga, God will open a new door of blessing for you🙏

For Ahmed Isa Ordinary President, talk to your followers to stop threatening innocent Peter.

For Oge Obi, people that took your credit are coming to beg in your castle.

For Rose Marie Bouboutou, the universe will celebrate you and your new profession.

For Ezekeesili, we heard you loud and clear telling Oge Obi to go on a suicide attempt.

For Ehiz and Toyosi, continue with the Tega and Boma's role.

For Tom Watson, we see your hand in trying to get Peter Nkanga leeched.

For Charlie, thank you for always going to play with Kiki Mordi's pu$$y cat.

For Tom Sa'ater, thank you for trusting your friend Charlie the "knackademus" and inviting David Hundeyin to join in a coffee joint.

Thank you Charlie Northcott once again for using question to answer David Hundeyin's question.

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"The fruit on the ground is for everybody; that on the tree is for the one that can climb" - Keep speaking truth to Power Hon. Hundeyin! Many within the motherland and here in Europe support you!

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After reading this piece , all i can say is wow! Things happen .

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Omo. All i can say is things dey happen o.

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You're amazing David

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I'm happy I read the entire story from beginning to end. David!! You're an treasure

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David, well done on consistently fighting for the voiceless. Your summary at the end was very insightful in clarifying why you do what you do. I have subscribed to West Africa weekly to help in my own little way. I also feel your frustration about how hard it is to hold these big organizations accountable. I can't begin to understand the toll it takes on your mental health. Keep up the good fight and know there are a lot of people out there who appreciate the work you are putting in.

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Thanks David for this masterpiece , the corporate world is full of wolves and one has to be at alert all times to differentiate the wolves from the sheep. People are played in the workplace all the time , most especially in the media environment. The big players in the media are just pawns in the hands of the elephants . Sex on the other hand is deployed by all manners of people for personal aggrandizement and it would have been surprised if sex had not played major roles in the story. The entire space is just filled with scandals, it only takes the courage of few to expose them. Kudos bro.

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I love what you are doing David. May God give you strength to continue to do what you know best. Warm regards

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People can kill to get promoted, in every industry.

Just look at ezekwesiki encouraging oge to go on with the suicide.

Now she is promoted, including toyosi.

Is like bad thing deh make person prosper 🤔

I rest my case.

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Not shocked...i have seen hell in my work place.

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Can you tell us about it?

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Very detailed and informing yet only 187 likes and 33 comments. This work is criminally very underrated and underappreciated.

David for the win!

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Oct 7, 2022·edited Oct 7, 2022

I just love your style of writing and journalism.

I am grateful for this story, I'm a newbie in journalism it has opened my eyes to see beyond the surface.

Without people like David, the Oges can be easily fooled by the Charlie's and the Kiki's, haha! I'm honestly thrilled that the almighty BBC is just a facade, get in and see for yourself.

For budding journalist out there, don't let anyone intimidate you, own your work, stay focused and never let anybody's position or influence affect you ...

I'm sure Oge is wiser now

I hope to be like you soon!

Cheers, David

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