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This is so so awesomely saddening. Great job at documenting and putting this in the public domain....

When individuals and organizations who the 'common man' rely on as last places of hope, become bedmates with oppressive and rights abusing individuals and organizations it is doubtful where the human race, not just Nigerians, is headed.

My question in all these however, is how much is enough?

How much power, influence, money, ...blood is enough?

Why is it so difficult to understand that nothing lasts forever?

Why would it not be possible for me to understand that everything, and I mean everything is enough for all of us humankind to all have, if only I see that sharing does not diminish me, it only makes me safer because if everyone else has what I have, there would be nothing to lead to contentions, that would lead to several other ...tions that include elimination and termination of human lives by other human beings who cannot say no, when the MAKER comes calling.

Why would my quest for earning a living be at the expense of the lives and wellbeing of others?

Well, I guess some say it's a human 'thing'.

The profiled betrayal of public trust in AIN in this report, as mind-boggling as it is, is however NOT a 'Nigerian ' thing.

In every society or state at different times over the ages, the 'STATE', cornered or annexed by anti-people individuals, have always historically been known to polute, infiltrate and then annex individuals and institutions that were meant to represent the public good, and human conscience of society.

Ultimately, it is up to me, to agree to be or not to be a part of that human gang up against myself.

As for the the CD of AIN, no lessons have been learnt by her, of what befell her husband...

Her own day is just around the bend...

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Sometimes it's good to hear from both side before taking side.

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Sir, did you read everything?

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Obviously didn't. A story with do much evidences. I guess he needs her confirmation more than the evidences.

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Supporting this substack might be the most impactful thing I've done with money ever.

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Jesus Christ! This is a good example of everything Buhari and the north touches die. Even AI?!! πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

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Entrenched corruption is a feature, not a bug, of western liberal institutions in Africa. There is no way Amnesty International was unaware of the infiltration by state agents/stooges in their "outpost", and the terrible impact that would have on the population they claim to defend.

They let it happen because reports of mass extrajudicial killings in the East, wanton violence by state agents against civilians, and news of political prisoners do not weigh against larger political calculations that have been made to allow the Nigerian government be overrun by violent Fulani extremists.

AI and the interests it's allied with know exactly who/what Buhari and his associates are, and were content to let them and the parasitic Nigerian elite lay waste to the local outpost of their brand.

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The contents of this writing is mortifying. I couldn't believe this was the same AI whose works I relied on heavily in 2015 when I was writing my B.Sc project on Boko Haram Insurgency.

Thank you for bringing this to limelight, Mr David. At least, henceforth, I will longer wonder why AI is as ineffective as Buhari's administration.

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Long read but definitely worth more than the hours spent. I really appreciate your dedication to saying the truth just as it is, you didn't kill the story for your beautiful writing skill, instead it gave the ugliness of Nigerian institutes their best look. In this country we don't know who to run to, we only know we needed to have started running since yesterday, till now we don't know where to and how to start run. Thanks for this great work

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My goodness! What a cesspool!

Thank you David Hundeyin for always raising the bar on how to practice journalism. Your investigations and write up always take the breathe away.

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David, you are thorough. This is a good work!

Very insightful, well referenced and revealing. I pray the Lord will continue to protect you and other whistle-blowers in Nigeria.

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Powerful! You are really deepening it

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These sums up the unfettered damage this woman has uleashed

"On at least one of these occasions, what we heard was that some of Osai’s friends within the system then wrote to IS essentially telling them to ignore these black people and their petty dramas. AI has to have some sort of presence in Nigeria, but there is no real oversight to regulate the behaviour of AIN senior management because professional behaviour of the highest standard is not even expected of Nigerians. I guess you could call this β€œthe racism of low expectations.”

Most certain she shares some of these fundings in dollars with her friends at IS, who in turn protect her, despite the numerous damming reports and petitions against her to IS.

Indeed AI is a very corrupt organization itself, infact a racist imperialist organisation.

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This is worst to to be a Nigerian, anyways how worse can it be...

Thank you so much Hundeyin, stay safe...

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Life has become tasteless and less fanciful in our dear Nigeria. This is a massive insight into the greed and power lust our fellow Nigerians keep exhibiting daily.

How much of money and power will these guys have to give up? I guess we will never know but like every behemoth, it is also subservient to the rule of elasticity... It will pop open someday and soon.

Thank you David.

We are scared for you. We are worried that each day might be your last because man, you are facing this Goliath with no helmet or sword, just a quill in hand and eyes on the story. Be assured of our prayers daily...

Once again, may your dreams (and ours too) of a better Nigeria be realized.

Thank you for this.

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It will be wrong to say "we still have a country ".

When in trouble, who do we turn to?

The rottenness in AI is appalling. This is unbelievable.

David, thank you for this great piece.

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Great read, kudos to David for this masterpiece. I hope Damian is safe? Little wounded AI has been silent these past years. So terrible.

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Sorry bro, but could you also post that report that Daiman did on DSS that you posted to Scribd, could you also post it to Archive.org

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Penetrating read. Thanks.

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