Is there a way to subscribe to your Substack with Blockchain payment, ideally USDC (Base Chain)?

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In that case, I'd bridge some assets to Binance Smart Chain. Meanwhile, as a heads up, kindly confirm that the wallet address is still your inflow address, because Binance once shelved their old hot wallets and replaced with new ones.

Thanks for the pointer, I've bookmarked the tweet, and I'll treat in 24 hours if you didn't respond any further (assuming everything is correct).

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Very well stated. The truth of the matter is that the bogey-man - the West- has so much interest in the wealth of Africa that they'll never allow us true sovereignty. See what they did to Hailey Salleasie and other African leaders who defied them in the past.

I've always believed military rule is what's most suited for a neo-independent state especially in Africa, a system of governance that does not fear international sanctions and rely on international aid and military leaders that scoff in the face of the West and will do anything in their power to ensure the true liberation of their states from the West come hell or high water.

The West using the CIA has managed to stifle any form of independent thought and African leaders who are committed to independent thought and sovereignty. Unfortunately we've had a few that ended up getting power drunk and losing sight of their defiance against the West- Idi Amin- at least that's what we've been fed by the Western media.

Unfortunately I'm not hopeful this will happen in our lifetime because over the years the West(CIA) has perfected the art of the manipulating Africans using psychological warfare, blackmail and state destabilization so much so that there is not one human military leader who can defeat their might... Except there arises within Africa a David who is willing, fearless, militarily and politically savvy enough to mobilize other like minded African leaders to gain true independence- to fight this Goliath named the West.

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As I sit here on a little rural island in Washington State, USA, I find very little useful thought about modern Africa. Your work gives me a great window that I never had before. Thank you ever so much for your terrific explanations of African political economy. Please keep it up!

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Do you have been doing absolutely fantastic and very good job even though you're Obidient and I'm sowore supporter so we disagree on so many issues but I found you analysis works are very good ones and valuable

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Greatly enjoying these recent videos of yours. You are an excellent speaker, and have a very relaxing voice. Hope you keep doing more of them—I finally subscribed to support your work!

In my opinion, ideological terms such as these, even outside of an African context, have in most ways expired past their "best before" dates, and are only particularly meaningful in understanding history rather than anything today. You are absolutely spot on to want to look past them and question their relevance.

They have become ceremonial or like brands, constraining thought into neat boxes while confusing real understanding of politics. They function as identities one is for or against while ignoring actual policies and their effects, making it more difficult for the "common people" to find a path forward in the ever changing world of today, and serving power in making it easier to divide people.

New ideas are needed. I think Africa and Asia are where all the life is in this regard, even if it's not obvious to many yet. I won't be surprised if in the future, if the West can ever get its mess together and overcome its many issues (among them accepting the multipolar world), it will be to Africa and Asia we end up looking ourselves to learn from as we untangle ourselves from our own systems.

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