For years, Nigerian journalist David Hundeyin has billed himself as a “one-man hurricane” waging kamikaze-style journalistic war on West Africa’s most powerful individuals, organisations and governments. There have been firestorms, controversies, awards, and - inevitably - an ongoing stint in exile. West Africa Weekly is his first attempt at managing and curating a publication of his own.

Twice a week, West Africa Weekly delivers storified journalism focusing on the continent’s fastest-growing population to a combined distribution list of more than 100,000 people around the world. It is the merger between solid storytelling and stylistically millennial delivery for Africa’s largest millennial population.

No press releases.

No paid shilling.

No government interference.

Just the stories that matter in the way they deserve to be told.

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@TheAfricaReport @CNNAfrica @NewswireNGR @BusinessDayNG. @TheOtherNewsCTV alumnus. 2019 Edward Murrow IVLP nominee. 2020 People Journalism Prize for Africa winner. One-man hurricane. #DoYourOwnJournalism